C#, Asp.net, Asp.net core

Specialist in .NET technology, I have hands-on experience in software development in C#, VB, ASP, ASP.net core. I've accomplished good projects in banking, medical, industrial scope, National and international customers who have relied on me for design, implementation and management of their digital products.

QT, C++

QT and C++ as a Cross-platform Languages are always my best election to develop powerful, modern and high speed application in Linux and Windows

Web Design

I've got more than 10 years of experience in web development and hundreds of websites developed. My major focus in designing web are CSS, SCSS, Angular, Javascript, Ajax, Typescript to design heigh quality and responsive site


As a Full-stack developer, Database has been always critical part of project. Oracle and Postgresql in Banking systems or Microsoft SQL, MySQL Server and other databases in other projects were my first old friend that have good experience and knowledge about it

Linux & Embedded Systems

And finally Linux! I'm not expert or bash script or expert command but I can do what ever I need :)

An accomplished Software Engineer with over 16 years of expertise in software development, I am a driven software engineering leader skilled in various environments, including Windows, Linux. I am also qualified in successfully working with teams to provide the best solutions to various challenges.

Back End

ASP.net core

Front End

Windows Form Application


SQL Server
Mongo DB(NoSQL)


Windows Programming
Linux Programming
Hardware Programming


Service Architecture
Entity Framework

Personal Skills

Team working




Bachelor in Computer Software Engineering

Mazandaran University of Science and Technology

Start: 1999 Sept

End: 2004 Aug

City: Babol


Mehran Amini

Mehran Amini

Full-stack Developer

+98 9123625080


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Full-stack Developer - RAHGOZIN RAYANEH

Tehran, Iran
2004 - now

Created multiple desktop and web applications, participating in the whole process of their development: product design and estimation, code design and development, Analyse, product launch and maintenance.

My duties include the following:

  • Participate in an international banking project to change current Saman Bank core
  • Developed Saman Bank OTP (One-time Password) module as a part of the Banks authentication system
  • Changed User Management System and improved the Legacy system to support LDAP and Radios protocols, as well as added capability to define roles, claims, and other constraints for users.
  • Improve Bank authentication and authorization system with Single sign-in and control communication by a different protocol such as Active Directory, Radius, and LDAP
  • Configure and develop SafeNet HSM device software for Saman bank
  • Credential provider for changing windows login and integrate with SSO system
  • Wrote EMV card embosser devices softwares
  • Extend an application based on artificial intelligence and fuzzy algorithm
  • Mobile-based and Web-based map viewer, Plotting tools and map management
  • Wrote monitoring and motors controller for industrial devices
  • Developed a controlling application on Orange PI device
  • Developed simple language toolkit like JavaScript for our electronic engineer’s team to develop and program their commands
  • Develop Accounting, Secretariat & Personnel Management, PM, Inventory and .. Systems (Win/Web)
  • Wrote part of Zahedan electronic company power management software (ESCAD)
  • Report Generator with form design capability
  • Form Generator


Tehran, Iran
2007 - 2018

Freelanced on a variety of development projects.
My duties include the following:

  • Developed Chain Story, Store Management System
  • Stock Market chat room (an application similar to VIBER for merchants)
  • Created multiple web applications
  • Service management system contains separate part to create a website, mobile app to serving different services such as cleaning, home repairs, car service etc.
  • Voting system module for TV online match
  • Central portal,Request Management, tracking system and article request monitoring for Rafah Bank
  • Desktop client-server Conference management system

Senior Software Developer - RASHEN System Arya.

Tehran, Iran
2015 - now

Created and maintained software for clients ranging from small businesses to enterprise corporations.

  • Cooperate in writing different parts of HIS/MIS software
  • Write portion of PACS (a software for manage and control medical images)
  • Creating a website that allows patients to book, report, consult and more
  • Site builder
  • Dynamic patient electronic record form builder
  • Agile project manager website for an American company